What is SquawkZone?

SquawkZone is a new social media platform designed to enable Clubs and Fitness professionals to easily run their own website and services.

What features are included?

Leagues - Design and run your own bespoke Leagues. These can be team sports like Football or Rugby or individual / doubles sports like Tennis or Squash.

NOTE: “Leagues” are being launched soon.

Timetables - Design and manage your own bespoke Timetables / Booking systems. These can be setup as single person bookings like an appointment to multiple person booking like a fitness class.

NOTE: taking payment through PayPal will be added shortly.

Who is SquawkZone aimed at?

1. Sports and fitness clubs or individuals that want to manage leagues and/or timetables and don’t want to pay for bespoke systems.

2. Sports and fitness clubs or individuals that want to easily promote and advertise across social media platforms.

3. Members to clubs that want to book into or add scores to leagues and timetables.

4. People looking to join Clubs or classes.

5. Users that want to follow friends and families results as they add them.

How can I use SquawkZone?

User v Member v Admin - ALL Free

1. As a User - Register and get your own page where you can build your profile.

2. If you add people (search or invite,) you will then see their posts.

3. If you want to follow a club, you follow what SquawkZone calls a “Zone.” By doing this you can view posts and scores that have been added to leagues within that Zone.

4. As a Members - as a member you can book into a Zones Timetables and add scores to it’s leagues (as long as the Zones admin has granted you membership.)

5. As an Admin - If you want to set your own Zone up, click “Create Zone” and follow the instructions.

SquawkZone is currently in BETA testing so please provide bug and feature related feedback. See drop down top right of the screen next to your name.